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Hanya Al-Thekair, Managing Partner, Computer Data NetworksHanya Al-Thekair, Managing Partner
As companies pivot more toward digital business models, exponentially more data is generated and shared among organisations, partners and customers. This digital information has become the lifeblood of the interconnected business ecosystem and is increasingly valuable to organisations—and to skilled threat actors. Increasing digitisation also means companies are exposed to new digital vulnerabilities, making an effective approach to cybersecurity and digital trust more important than ever. A typical client engagement process at Computer Data Networks (CDN) commences with an overall risk assessment to determine the level and size of such potential threats to an organization. This is followed by a detailed gap analysis of the client’s existing cybersecurity solution, combined with a vulnerability assessment test that is performed at the same time.

The CDN experts draw on their knowledge, experience, and technical expertise to conduct a series of presentations and meetings with responsible parties from the client team that involve IT, cybersecurity, and business management, representatives. Upon completing this process, the company moves on to cybersecurity design and architecture on one side, and policies and procedures on the other. “We often recommend that clients go through ISO certification process to implement the correct management and documentation strategies,” adds Hanya Al-Thekair, Managing Partner at CDN.

The company has partnered with many highly respected vendors in this space to provide the best security solutions in the market. Depending on the client size, number of sites, complexity, unique requirements, and similar factors, CDN presents, and recommends one or more solutions to address the specific issues. Only after a detailed and comprehensive discussion with the clients, CDN transitions to the next phase of contracting a solution, followed by supply, installation, configuration, training, and outsourcing phases.

We perform regular customer satisfaction surveys to collect and maintain data on how well we are achieving our customer satisfaction goals

CDN’s commitment to strike close relationships with clients and meet their specific requirements is well complemented by its ISO quality control processes and procedures and vendor-mandated procedures. Further, Hanya mentions, “We perform regular customer satisfaction surveys to collect and maintain data on how well we are achieving our customer satisfaction goals.” As a part of its customerfocused approach, CDN has instituted a reward scheme for its technical personnel, whereby they spend much time with clients during installation, preventive and remedial maintenance and have an opportunity to develop a close relationship with their counterparts as well as to suggest and instigate additional sales of products and services. The company has set up a commission program aimed at the non-sales personnel, making the technical team more integrated into the overall company culture of being customer-focused.

Taking cybersecurity a level higher with such unique approaches and value propositions, CDN plans to expand both horizontally (in terms of clients and markets that we are addressing) and vertically (in terms of solutions and products, such as single sign-on, digital signatures, object classification and other fields).CDN empowers clients with its cybersecurity solutions across 5 countries and aims to expand geographically as markets evolve. “Since we are heavily involved in physical security solutions such as video surveillance, video analytics, and more, we look forward to expanding solutions which integrate physical security with electronic surveillance and cybersecurity. Currently only a handful of companies provide such solutions. With the increasing demand of such solutions, we wish to be at the leading edge of these new developments,” concludes Hanya.
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Hanya Al-Thekair, Managing Partner

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