HAVELSAN: Introducing World-Class Cybersecurity at Cost-Effective Rates

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Borga ERBİL, Cyber Security Director, HAVELSANBorga ERBİL, Cyber Security Director
What the military is to a nation, cybersecurity is to a business organization. Every company wants its cybersecurity systems to be robust and sophisticated enough to counter any cyberattacks that might threaten its information technology and communications (ITC) infrastructure. But how can enterprises incorporate state-ofthe- art cybersecurity systems and maximize their utility subject to per dollar they spend? The answer lies with HAVELSAN, a premier software organization that offers cost-effective, cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions for enterprises to stay one step ahead of their opponents.

“Our biggest differentiator is the fact that we continuously offer worldclass solutions at reasonable prices, which gives us a solid reputation in the region,” says Borga ERBİL, Cyber Security Director at HAVELSAN. From cyber threat intelligence to incident response and management, HAVELSAN ensures that its clients are always covered to avert any potential cyberattack. The cybersecurity division of HAVELSAN is always at the forefront of innovation, delivering 360-degree security solutions for entities, regardless of industry and organization size. With an engineering workforce of militarylevel pedigree, HAVELSAN is unparalleled in cyber defense. The company’s hi-tech, software-intensive cybersecurity products, ranging from maturity assessment to red team activities, are easily on par with the best cybersecurity firms of the world in terms of performance and effectiveness. HAVELSAN proudly serves a broad range of client-bases, including the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK), public administrators, overall private sector, and other international customers.

ERBİL notes that today organizations from all sectors are in search of a strong cybersecurity posture. They realize that modern vectors require comprehensive and sophisticated countermeasures to prevent and remediate cyberattacks. HAVELSAN is helping these organizations bolster their stand against cyber threats through its advanced products. The data leakage prevention (DLP), web application firewall/load balancer (WAF/LB), and the secure information and event management (SIEM) systems developed by HAVELSAN are designed to perfectly complement the IT infrastructure of clients and build a powerful cybersecurity stronghold around it.

As a leader in the Turkish cybersecurity ecosystem, HAVELSAN is capable of finding the best of breed ad-hoc solutions and rebranding them. These include identity and access management (IAM), advanced endpoint protection with detection and response (EDR), and data diode solutions. The product management for these solutions follows the same approach as with HAVELSAN’s in-house developed products. Besides, the company is also working on its upcoming range of solutions, which will cover the operational technologies (OT), including critical industrial infrastructures and manufacturing plants. “We aim at being one of the few ‘Cyber Range’ simulation environments in the world, thanks to our simulation technologies,” mentions ERBİL.

HAVELSAN also goes one step further to bolster the cybersecurity structure of clients through its comprehensive cybersecurity services.
The red team/blue team services offered by HAVELSAN include Turkish Standards Institute A grade penetration tests, cybersecurity maturity assessment, information security consultancy, awareness education, all of which are conducted by its highly-skilled and certified personnel. Also, being the first ‘A Competency Level Firm,’ HAVELSAN is undoubtedly the best company to deliver the critical services that form the basis of a robust and resilient cybersecurity infrastructure.

Our biggest differentiator is the fact that we continuously offer world-class solutions at reasonable prices, which gives us a solid reputation in the region

And, as ERBİL says, who better to test the efficacy of its cybersecurity portfolio than its most important customer—itself. “We believe that no solution of HAVELSAN is good enough unless we are comfortable using it ourselves,” he remarks. For instance, the in-house developed web application firewall, KALKAN, currently protects the official website of HAVELSAN. This same firewall is also deployed in a multitude of governmental institutions and enterprises, all of whom have acclaimed the solutions’ capability.

The biggest asset behind all these solutions is HAVELSAN’s quality-engineering workforce, which is globally unrivaled. This workforce is able to deliver high-quality output at speedy rates. As a Turkish Armed Forces Foundation company, HAVELSAN’s main mission is to help protect and serve the Turkish Republic. HAVELSAN is devoted to minimizing the external dependence of Turkish corporations in critical technology fields like big data, augmented reality, digital twin, artificial intelligence, and autonomous systems by pioneering the next stage of technological transformations.

This unstoppable momentum of HAVELSAN hasn’t slowed in the slightest, even in the face of the pandemic crisis. “We recognize that cybersecurity is a fast-paced and ever-evolving engine that gives no time for stops in between,” admits ERBİL. Accordingly, roadmaps are set for HAVELSAN’s products to remain ahead of the competition and threat actors. To that end, the company is always on the cusp of launching new, cutting-edge technologies.

HAVELSAN is currently focusing on the creation of a new concept called “Cyber Range” which refers to simulating attacks in the digital twin of real cyber environments. Through its fully-blown simulations, the company aims to test its remediation tactics and educate its personnel accordingly. Through its digital environments, HAVELSAN also aims to conduct drills, perform remediation techniques, and educate personnel in the most efficient manner.

As a result of such foresight, HAVELSAN is undoubtedly a key cybersecurity player not only in domestic market but also in international markets. HAVELSAN believes that Turkish cybersecurity technologies will significantly contribute to the ICT and cybersecurity operations in the Gulf region, especially in Qatar. Until now, 72 Turkish cybersecurity technologies of the Turkey cybersecurity ecosystems have been merged under the HAVELSAN umbrella. Owing to its end-to-end, turnkey alternative cybersecurity and ICT solutions, HAVELSAN is being recognized as the cybersecurity technology leader in the Gulf and beyond.
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Ankara, Turkey

Borga ERBİL, Cyber Security Director

HAVELSAN is a leading technology firm in Turkey, owned by and affiliated to the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation. With its deep-rooted experience, competent and specialized employees, and high-tech, software-intensive solutions and products, the company is a renowned trademark in the international market. HAVELSAN develops robust technology for defense, security, and information sectors. Along with its in-house developed products and solution, the company also integrates its products with external solutions to form a wholesome, integrated cybersecurity ecosystem. Today, the company proudly serves a broad range of client-bases, including the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK), public administrators, overall private sector, and other international customers