2021 is going to be busy for Embedded Solutions 3000 thanks to recent breakthroughs

Yaron Mintzker, VP Sales and Business Development, ES Embedded Solutions 3000

Yaron Mintzker, VP Sales and Business Development, ES Embedded Solutions 3000

The following are Embedded Solutions 3000 (ES) leading technology forecasts for 2021:

We continue to promote the White Box-Cryptography (WBC) standard because this standard is required by our customers who due to COVID19 have changed their behavior in a way that allows more employees to work from their homes. The current practice today is to gain secure access for their remote employees to the company's servers by using SSL / VPN encryption which unfortunately relies on encryption keys and passwords. In contrast, the WBC protection layer is independent and therefore obviate the need for external keys and passwords that constitute a serious breach of security.

In November 2020 the security company Fortinet, one of the world’s leading firewall solution providers, announced that 49,000 VPN passwords of its customers (including government organizations and banks) have leaked out, and may have reached hostile parties.

Therefore, this year we will serve better our customers' demand for secured firewalls since the current firewalls themselves are vulnerable, who and what guards customers’ firewalls today? 

We are witnessing a rapidly growing hackers attacks on factories, organizations, and even countries. In many cases, the firewall that is supposed to protect the system is the weak link. The Israeli company ES Embedded Solutions 3000 was one of the first in the world to present a solution to the problem.

Furthermore, ES intending to launch on Q1-2021a bundle package of firewall and Bit-Net Sentry (BNS). The bundle includes three firewall categories: entry-level, mid-range, and high end and Bit-Net Sentry (BNS) that offers not only WBC secured tunneling but thanks to BNS’s invisibility on the network, also provide protection to the organization and to the firewall itself. This transparent protection Is covering vulnerabilities from the outside (the internet) and the inside (the internal network), because many attacks are characterized by malware that is infiltrated into the internal network, and from there spreads until it finds access to the firewall management port and from that moment opens a back door from which the attackers infiltrate the most sensitive pieces of information of any organization.  On average it takes 7 months until this breach is exposed to the victim which is sufficient to obtain sensitive information about the company. Only after the hackers have obtained what they want and sabotaged the information they lock its victim's servers, PCs, etc. Then they ask for a ransom to unlock the servers and also for not publishing nor resell the sensitive information they stole from the company.

The bundle of firewall and BNS is based on a Joint Venture between ES and a leading firewall vendor in which ES will offer an integrated bundle of BNS and firewall, which is the most secured firewall one can get.

An increasing number of companies requesting compliance with Industry 4.0 and the IEC 62443 information security standards. The existing cybersecurity tools for these sectors are expensive to deploy and to manage, they also require highly skilled IT personnel to manage and operate. We anticipate that by 2022 more industrial customers, critical services, and water corporations will switch to BNS technology that enables secure, easy-to-implement, and easy-to-manage Bi-Directional SCADA communication.